“To touch the hem of her garment…”

So last week on Facebook I saw this post from OWN asking for Chicagoland folks who were interested in attending tapings of Oprah’s Lifeclass. In this post, there was a link to the topics that this first week of Lifeclass would encompass, the one that stood out to me immediately was Karma. I always say that “Karma is nothing like what is is expressed in that dreadful Alicia Keys song”, but have never really understood the full definition of Karma. Just the old “what goes around comes around” adage.

Lifeclass was going to take a look at the scientific, biological, and metaphysical definitions of the word as well as its occurrence in every day life. So I was definitely down. I filled out the form, adding a blurb stating that I was never really clear on karma & would like more information. I was also interested in the fact of how karma tends to be framed in modern day society. It’s almost like a punishment or condemnation as opposed to how I interpreted it on my own to simply just be every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Well fast forward to 30 minutes later when I get a phone call from a random 312 number that I do not recognize on my cell phone. Answer it warily, and it’s a person from the audience department from Harpo. *cue the shock and awe* We chat a bit about my feelings about karma and I bring up the points mentioned above. Apparently, they’re looking for folks who are confused as shit because the lady on the other end says I’d be a good fit for the audience and someone will contact me with details about the taping closer to the time. I didn’t exactly believe it, so I kept it close to the chest. This part all happened last Thursday and I told a grand total of 2 people. Normally, I’d be shouting this from the rafters, haha!

Fast forward to Monday when I get the definite, YOU’RE (+1) IN! I immediately shot up from my desk and turn to my coworker Catherine shrieking with glee. She was one of the two I told. Next up was calling Veepy coz she’s always my +1 on these things. After about 4 calls from Harpo changing the time, Thursday finally arrived. I had no idea of what was going to happen, but I was feeling kind of anxious about the entire thing. I was uneasy all morning at work (even more than usual, ha!). Quick lunch w/ Veepy @ the Flat Top Grill & then we headed across the street to Harpo. Wait wait wait, then head into the studio.

Since Rosie is taping, we weren’t in the main studio. I knew it’d be an intimate audience but I had NO idea how intimate. There were maybe 35 folks in the mini-studio. Eep! Get lead to our seats and we’re first row, right behind Ms. Winfrey. EEP!!! We fangirl out at this fact, then look forward to the show. Oprah’s joined by movie director Tom Shadyac who is HILARIOUS. The discussion on Newton’s Third Law of Motion aka Karma bka “what goes around comes around” took a few dips and curves, but was interesting. There was a woman who felt she was in a karma rut, another who saw her karma shift once she stopped being a mistress, and one woman in particular who neither Veepy nor I really liked with a heartbreaking story. You have to tune in! The airdate is early November. We were told the 10th, but it wasn’t set in stone.

The underlying tone of the entire show though was to be aware of the energy that you are emanating. Well, let me tell you guys that I must’ve been putting out hella good energy coz…OPRAH TOUCHED ME Y’ALL!!!!! I also got a random hug from Tom Shadyac. But really…back to what’s important. Let me rewind a bit. So there’s a Q&A session at the end of the show. It wasn’t being taped or anything (I don’t think), but I had a idea that it’d happen thanks to the conversation I had w/ the woman from Harpo. So all show I’d been thinking of the right way to formulate my question in a way that made sense and didn’t make me look like a rambling idiot. Well…ok… *looks at blog archives*I am a rambling idiot at times, but whatevs.

So anyway, folks are answering questions, Oprah & Tom are answering. I sense it’s winding down so I finally raise my hand. I did so at the same time as another chick, so Oprah is all “Ok we’re gonna wrap this up now so let’s take you *points to other chick* and you *points to me*”. If I could have done a celebratory bogle without looking like a damn fool, I’dve done it. Alas, I just shifted in my chair while rehearsing what I’d ask in my brain before I had to actually speak. They finish answering the other chick’s question and attention is directed to me.

I failed at being a rambling idiot, by the way. You would too if you were speaking to one of your life’s idols and that person is giving you direct eye contact the entire time. SHIT MAN! So I finally get to the root of my question and Oprah simply says “Because they don’t understand.” Inside I’m like “FUUUUUUUU, I probably looked like the biggest dummy. This question is stupid. OMG ruined chance!” Outside, I smile nod & wait for more. And there was more…Oprah goes on a tangent and I quite possibly black out. I only remember sitting when she was halfway through her train of thought because I was shaking so hard I thought I’d fall over.

After that she thanks everyone for coming and being her first live audience since the end of TOWS. She goes up to the guy next to me and gives him the Oprah patented double high five, hands clench, bring it down and around to a double handshake maneuver. If you follow Lady O like I do, you understood everything in that previous sentence. I thought she was gonna stop at him, but SHE CAME OVER TO ME, DOES THE SAME THING, AND WHISPERS THANK YOU. Listen…y’all…I was done after that. Nobody could say anything to me. I’m sure I had the biggest grin of life on my face. Veep was on the other side of me, but I don’t even know if she got some  O lovin’ coz shortly after she moved on, tom Shadyac comes over and envelops me in the hugest hug. Then begins talking to me about the “be”s in the Sermon on the Mount and how they’re directly related to the law of cause and effect. Again, I had to have been giving off hellaciously good vibes in order to be singled out by the both of them.

Been floating on air ever since. BEST DAY EVER!

5 thoughts on ““To touch the hem of her garment…”

  1. HOW AWESOME IS THAT FOR YOU!!! I’m happy for you good news, I think it’s great whenever we get meet people who we are fans of and they are genuine in person.

    You have a good dinner story to tell for the rest of your life!! 🙂

  2. OMGoshh..I would’ve been on the floor..I actually cannot even imagine what I would have done…that is crazy..I’m happy that you experienced this..its probably one of the moments you’ll remember forever!!

  3. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you JNic! OMG, I don’t even know how you kept yourself composed. I’ve have just melted all over the floor. So happy that you got a chance to meet the great O. It couldn’t have happened to a better person.

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