monday’s the official date that your age will forever contain double digits and i am…wow. words escape me, but i’m going to try.

i’m in awe of you, man. ever since you have come into the lives of this family, you have been an effervescent beacon of light. as cliche as it is, your smile lights up an entire room; love beaming from every molar and incisor. you just have a way about you that makes everyone want to be a direct recipient of your light. i’ve yet to meet a person who has been in your presence that hasn’t absolutely gushed about your caring nature, easygoing demeanor, and absolutely zeal for life. you have the strongest desire to not only live life to the fullest, but succeed at all costs.

i just know your mama would be so proud of seeing the young man that you are becoming. and i think you know too. you know that even though she is no longer with us physically, she is always inside your heart. the memories of special times you shared forever present in your mind as we speak about the most innocuous things. the resolute way in which you responded “she is here” when a younger cousin lamented that she wished she was here to celebrate you with us yesterday.

it brings tears to my eyes to see your strength in the face of adversity of not only losing one parent, but both before you were even mature enough to understand the full extent of the human lifecycle. my little “brother bear” is a full fledged tween now. wow.

i love you infinitely,

your favorite buddy 🙂

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