September, 2011

“To touch the hem of her garment…”

So last week on Facebook I saw this post from OWN asking for Chicagoland folks who were interested in attending tapings of Oprah’s Lifeclass. In this post, there was a link to the topics that this first week of Lifeclass would encompass, the one that stood out to me immediately was Karma. I always say […]

The Underestimated Empath

I woke up this morning with one thing in mind to blog about this morning, but then work happened and now I have two things I’d like to speak on briefly. This is completely stream of conscious writing, so I have no idea where I’m headed on this journey, but stick with me LOL. In […]

I need a mentor…

Am I too old for one? Hahaha, seriously though…if I want to hone my craft, I feel like I need someone to help me get my life together & take it seriously. I have been wanting to be a professional writer ever since I was able to read–well okay, maybe a few years after that. […]

God is tryna tell me somethin’?

I recently received an email that is forcing me to sit over here and really think about some things.  It was this forward entitled “Is HE the ONE: THE RIGHT ONE?” The gist of the email is breaking down how women should trust God to send the right man to them. A few things stuck […]

And it hurts like hell…no Aretha.

A few weeks ago I bought  Groupon for a 10 pack of fitness classes. In purchasing this, I was hoping to make strides in my weight loss journey. Then I promptly filed the Groupon away and forgot about the fitness classes.  Earlier this week I remembered the voucher and signed up for my first of 10 classes. […]

“It hurts my pride to tell you how I feel…”

This morning my brain (that treacherous heaux) decided to put Beyoncé’s “I Miss You” on a continuous  loop within itself. Funny thing is, there is no one current to miss. There have been some near misses in recent history, but no one who has really gotten all up in my mind like that. Since him. […]

I am a financially unstable bear…

Fall is upon us (if this Chicagoland weather is any indication) & I can already feel myself withdrawing. Well, to be honest, I’ve been kinda withdrawn this entire year. I dunno what that war is about, but I’ve just been very “meh”-y. Nevertheless, I normally wait as late as November to fall into hibernation mode, […]

The Internet…

I read a blog this morning that talked about the lines of reality and virtual insanity being blurred. Reminded me of this post I wrote on my livejournal in 2004. So I burrowed through those archives to find it & x-post here. Enjoy! ==================================================== When does the internet stop being “just the internet”? When does […]

Paper Bag…

So today I was on Twitter, as I am every M-F (ha!) and I see a RT of a blog post from that girl who’s an urban entertainment blogger that calls herself Bitchie talking about “Kelly Rowland: ‘I don’t want to be as dark as I am – I want to be a little fairer”. […]

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