my birthday tomorra…

I had this whole idea of writing this blog post with 40 pearls of wisdom I’d accumulated over the years but can I be honest?

I don’t have it in me. I’m tired, y’all. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Hell if I’m being even more honest, I barely made it to *see* 40.

I’m being vague here on purpose. You can read between the lines. Most of 2021 and almost all of 2022 has been very unkind to me personally and the unkindness almost won.

But it didn’t.

So if you wonder why I’m going so hard about my birthday? It’s a thing I tend to do almost every year, but this year especially it is important to me to celebrate still being here.

Not letting the unkindness win.

The only wisdom I have to share is this: whatever burdens you carry, please find someone(s) to help lighten that load. Even if temporarily.

Being “strong” is overrated if it’s deteriorating you from the inside out.

Recognize needing the help and cry out for it. Don’t be concerned with how you’ll be perceived bc mfs gonna always think one way or another about you. That is not your cross to bear.

You owe it to yourself to make sure that you are your very best self for you, not anyone else.

That’s all I got.

Happy birthday to me.

And may there be many, many more.

3 thoughts on “my birthday tomorra…

  1. Happy Birthday! So many don’t get the years we have. I want all of ’em. I hope you enjoy your special day!

  2. Happy Birthday Beautiful, grateful to celebrate your birth day!!!!

    The wisdom was real & received, thank you!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! & welcome to the club ….been here for a minute not gonna say how long LOL. I don’t know what it is about 40 but it be having us with ALLLLL the wisdom and reflection. May this new decade of life grant you all the peace , joy and love you so richly deserve. Also may you see your book sales sky rocket like NEVAH before 🙂

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