My paternal grandmother’s birthday is today. She is my only living grandparent and she is ninety-one years old today. My daddy went to go visit his mama for her birthday and sent me a video of her. In it, he’s coaching her through what to say. because she no longer has the words in her […]

the right to grieve.

this’ll be disjointed, just like my thoughts currently are. so yesterday on my twitter timeline i saw the unfortunate news that one of my favorite mutual follows had passed away from COVID-19. actually, a friend sent me the tweet that announced it, but then i went to the timeline because this guy was a presence. […]

freedom isn’t without cost.

on august fourteenth in the two thousandth and nineteenth year of our Lord and Savior Jesus THEE Christ I walked into the building housing the job at which I’d toiled since august nineteenth two thousand thirteen for the last time. it was an odd feeling, honestly. knowing that this was the very last day that […]


It’s been a minute…’sup. I’ve been off doing things. Like traveling. Earning advanced degrees. Tryna find a lil summer baefriend. Assisting in raising a man-child. And writing books ‘n shit. And it’s been amazing…TRULY AMAZING. I’ve connected with people in ways that I’d never before. Explored some places I’d only been in passing. Made a […]

master of that.

i’m usually a pretty confident person when it comes to matters of academia.  i fall on the side of book smart and tend to be above average when i really apply myself. throughout grad school, however? ya girl was floundering. my confident was knocked and i was mad shook every time i turned in the […]

three little words.

there’s a thing you should know about me if we’re friends. i don’t lack confidence in many of my abilities. i can write my ass off. i give (mostly) levelheaded advice. i give a mean gift. there are a host of other things at which i excel, but that’s not why we’re here. we’re here […]

el toque.

Yesterday on the Twitter machine, someone asked “other than money, if someone were to surprise you with exactly what you need right now, what would it be?” I answered without hesitation, ” a hug.” It was the first thing that popped into my brain and probably the most vulnerably honest answer I could have ever […]


The other day I was on Marco Polo with a friend talking about an experience that I’d had that evening. I was so buoyed by the connections I’d made, particularly because they were in line with helping me move toward a goal I’d recently put into the universe and to see the turnaround on its […]


i’ve had a rough few weeks. not really talked about it much, just kinda internalized until i felt ready to sort it out. not completely there, but today someone said something to me that took me by surprise. i had lunch with a friend of mine who used to be my very best friend until […]

On zooming out…

Sometimes, I can be very insular. I get into modes where I rely on very little to stimulate me externally, which can be an advantage, but more often a detriment. Whenever I’m overwhelmed, I withdraw…I burrow. And then I sit with whatever emotions I am meant to tackle until I feel as if I’m equipped […]

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