Yeah, I’m emo & listen to Fall Out Boy…

I hate Christmas. Whew! *wipes brow* I’ve said it. I honestly haven’t been “into” Christmas since I was about 11. By that time, I knew there was no Santa, gifts were nice but I preferred money, and wondered how in the hell Mary & Joseph survived winter in a manger to deliver 6lb, 8oz. baby Jesus. For years, I kept up the charade like I just loved the holiday season and couldn’t wait for it to come around. The truth is I just love the (contemporary) music and candy canes.

My family was never one for these grand Christmas traditions once my grandmother (maternal) died. It’s pretty much been every family doing their own thing and being lucky to catch one another on the day. I used to make it my goal to go see everyone, spread Christmas “cheer” and try to encourage family togetherness. That shit is exhausting. Nowadays, people are lucky if they get a 15 second Christmas call. And don’t even get me started on the mass Christmas texts, it is not even noon and I’ve received double digits already.

Who knows? Perhaps when I fall in love, get married, and/or have some babies my stance on the holiday will change. But for now? I’m a mean one…Ms. Grinch if ya nasty! 😉

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