White boys. . .

Wow, now there’s a politcally correct/sensitive title, if I’ve ever heard it. 🙂 Haha. There was simply no other title that fit this post. I couldn’t come up with anything that was coy or quirky or any other adjective that would apply here.

So I called Veep the other day and before she could even get the word “Hello” out of her mouth I said:

“Friend, we need to stage an intervention.”
“For what? For who? Explain. . .”
“Me, friend. I’m staging an intervention on myself. Girl, I have a growing, uncontrollable attraction to *whispers* white dudes!”
*gasps* “Friend, when did you cross over?!” *laughs uproariously*
“Girrrrrrl, I don’t know but they done started this new dude and I am ridiculously attracted to him! He has a fiance though.” *pouts*

We then went on to other topics that are not the focus of this blog, so no need to recount that part of the convo. 😉 Nevertheless, I’ve been noticing it slowly, but surely, but now it’s full fledged. *clears throat* Attention: I find white men (as a whole) attractive. This may seem silly to announce or even dedicate a blog to, but whoever said I wasn’t silly? HAHA!

See, here’s the thing. It’s not like I didn’t find any White men attractive at all (see: my Justin Timberlake obsession affinity), but they were usually the universally attractive, entertainers that everyone knew (your Clooneys, Pitts, etc). There weren’t ever any White guys that I knew personally and were attracted to though. Nor where there any of the quirky off beat types in there. Now, however? I’m all about a Patrick Stump or Seth Meyers. HOLLA!

So does this mean that my dating pool (and/or social circle) will widen? Probably not. I don’t think I’m the type that they find attractive, but that’s a whole ‘nother internal issue that I need to work on, so I’ma move along now. . .

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