What’s in a name?

A conversation that I have on a regular basis with my girlfriends is how to classify the men in our lives when speaking with others. Por ejemplo:

J says: Justin & I love sledding in winter.
Other person who doesn’t know Justin says: Who’s Justin?
J says: My boyfriend. . .*cringes on inside*

I feel at the ripe old age of 27 (in 5 months), I’m too old to be calling any male with whom I am involved my boyfriend. The term just seems juvenile to me, in ways. Boyfriend calls to mind multi-hour long conversations ending with “you hang up! no, you hang up!”, getting dropped off at the mall to on movie double dates with your BFF & his BFF, doodling Mrs. Jeanette [insert current boyfriend’s last name here] in homeroom, etc. I feel like I should be working toward something more substantial.

One friend suggested manfriend, but that just sounds awkward and cumbersome. She shortened it to man, but for some reason saying that makes me feel like Kim Parker. I also have issues with the word boo making me feel like Nicki Parker, lol. I’ve toyed with the thought of using the pet name that I may or may not call him (my honey, my love, etc), but that sounds too dorky, lol. Significant other sounds too stodgy. Partner makes people think I’m on the Ellen Degeneres/Rosie O/ Suze Orman train. The guy I’m seeing sounds too casual for a relationship descriptor.

What do you think?

2 Responses to “What’s in a name?”

  • Chi_Fashionista says:

    First of all, I love this topic… Second of all my Granny got me the hell together this morning as she referred to my “manfriend” as my man when the truth is that he is not that. I have opted to refer to him as my “SweetChum”. This word came to mind because when I’m in his presence he is awfully sweet and he is my friend(hence the word,chum).. But if we’re going to be honest.. I really want to cut all the bullshit and become his WIFE.

  • Anonymous says:

    Glad you brought up the topic. I don’t fancy calling my man-I’m-not-married-to-yet-but-not-engaged-to “boyfriend”! How about “suitor”? LOL

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