we back?

i’ve been lamenting the death of personal blogs in the great scheme of the internet for a while now like i don’t pay folks money to host this very space that is *gasp* my own damned personal blog.

guess i’m reclaiming my time or whatever.

i need the outlet. i’m in my head entirely too much and despite the little pockets of time where i bring others to the front porch of my mind, it’s a lonely place to be. it’s cluttered and filled with mess in this motherfucker, too. a bitch needs to unhaul some things and do a spring cleaning so what better place than somewhere nobody’s really paying attention?


it’s gonna be sad girl central around this bitch as i ease back into this space though. mainly because 2021 broke me. i’ve been trying to keep it cute. trying to save face, mask, all of that, but it’s done nothing that serves me in any positive matter. i’d lost so much last year—physically and metaphorically that coming into 2022 had me quite unsure whether i wanted to or would actually see the end of it. it took nearly completely shattering for me to realize that much more was broken than i’d previously assumed mended.

so as i try to get back to balanced, the very least that i can do use this space be completely honest and a bit more vulnerable than makes me comfortable.

because mired in the discomfort is growth.


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