Textually speaking…

I have a love/hate relationship with text messaging. Sometimes I think that text messaging can be a wonderful tool for communication. For example, you really don’t want to talk on the phone with someone, but need a medium by which to communicate information. So long as the person doesn’t immediately call you back (pet peeve), your mission is accomplished.

My hatred for the wonderful world of texting begins with those who abuse it. There are some people who think that 160 characters is sufficient enough to be their only means of communication. These people suffer from a debilitating disease named Chronic Texting syndrome (CTS). A while back I met this guy. He seemed nice enough, was cute, and personable. We exchanged numbers with intentions to meet up again for dinner/drinks/something. A few days later I get a text from him and we chat a bit that way. A couple days later, I call and get voice mail. Anyone that knows me knows I HATE leaving messages, but I’m feeling dude so I leave one. A few hours later I get a text from him like, “Oh, I missed your call. :(” Dude, are you effing serious?! Why would you not call me back?! Especially since I’m sure the last line I said was like, “Talk to ya later” and NOT “Text me when you get this”. Needless to say, we didn’t quite make it past the texting stage. A combination of things lead us down that road, haha! The CTS was the icing on the cake.

The next textual offender is the chronic forwarder. Every joke, affirmation of friendship, declaration of love sort of message that these people get they feel the need to send onto you. WHY?! I will admit, I will send forwards. Most times only if they’ve genuinely made me have an IRL reaction. Otherwise I read ’em like, “Oh that’s nice. Moving on. . .” My lil cousin (love her to death) is a half a step from getting blessed out if I get another text from her that ends with an entreaty for me to not only send it back to her, but 397 of my closest friends as well. Good night nurse!

The last textual offender really burns my grits. Drunk texter, I am speaking to you. They say everyone is guilty of it, true. Unlike most people however, I compulsively reread all texts I send out to avoid the following. I received the following text on Sunday morning at 12:41 am: I wishvd i hrd somein clvr to say to end u n sx from last nite. First of all, I do not even know what that means. Second of all, I haven’t spoken to you in forever and you’re texting me? I did not think we were still friends! [No offense. None taken.] Finally, seriously what the fuck does that mean?

The moral of the story is this kids. Text messaging is an acceptable form of communication when used correctly. For those of you who abuse the privilege, don’t take offense when you notice the responses becoming fewer and even further inbetween.

2 Responses to “Textually speaking…”

  • annz0r says:

    I sent a really embarassing drunk text once, and not even to the right person. I try to keep away from my phone when I'm drunk now, or funnel the energy into #drunktweets.

    At least you can delete those (hopefully before too many people see them). Heh.

  • jeanette nicole* says:

    I'm actually pretty good about drunk texting/dialing. I rarely partake in it. I am a fan of #drunktweets as well. Oddly enough, I have a filter that allows me to realize when the drunkeness is giving way to inappropriateness that I won't be able to live down in the morning, ha!

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