Some things I’ve been thinking about. . .

Has there ever been one person who you just cannot get out of your mind? You could go without seeing or talking to this person for a great while, but thoughts of him/her linger in the back of your mind regardless? It’s amazingly frustrating is what it is, haha. It’s also forcing me to come to terms with something that I have been refusing to come to terms with. *sigh* I’m being incredibly vague right now because y’all don’t need to know everything that’s going on unless you’re privy. Very few are. And it isn’t always those who think that they are. 🙂 I’m backwards like that. I share less with those closer to me. Just ask the BFF.

I’m trying to find a church. My sister and I were speaking about this yesterday during her visit. We both want to go to the same type of church. Problem is that it doesn’t seem to exist, lol. It has to be Baptist, but we can’t be in there all day. Not tryna get into it with praise dancing and all of the other extracurricular business. Give me an A selection, B selection, Sermon, & ONE offering and I’m good. Actually, I’m more than good. I’m good squared. 🙂 So I’m gonna ask around and see if I can find any nonfanatical churches in my area. Wish me luck!

So there’s this dude, right? Naaaaah, nevermind. Moving on. . .

I’ve begun working out, but it came to a crashing halt this week as Aunt Flo left me incapacitated for the last few days. I’m going to get my tail back in there today though. At least half an hour. We’ve started a Biggest Loser contest at my job, so I can’t be off my game. Gotta drop the LBs, son! 🙂 Plus I gotta be freekum dress ready in exactly 107 days. That’s not a lot of time. Ideally I’d love to lose about 50 pounds by the end of summer, with 35-40 of them happening before my birthday. I’ll keep you posted.

Just in case you didn’t catch it before, that dude. . .he’s the one on my mind.

Speaking of my birthday (like that segue?), I think I want to take a vacation by myself. Like for serious. I am torn between being totally alone and going somewhere that no one I know lives or just travelling alone to a friend’s location. I’m highly contemplating the second one because it’d be more fun. You know about my inability to do things alone, lol.

Ok, the white elephant in the room. Long story short. I thought I’d be able to not go into it, but I can’t. So there’s this dude. I think I may (read: like totally, fer sure) have feelings for said dude, but don’t exactly want to allow myself to act upon or even acknowledge said feelings. Mainly because I’m most certain that they are not mutual. Which kinda hurts my heart & soul more than I want to allow myself to believe. Tru fax. Anyway. Unfortunately for me, things aren’t that cut and dry, so yes. I’m pining, betches. I feel like I’m back in high school struggling with my mondo crush on NH (who could probably still get it if I’m being honest). ::le sigh::

All right, I’m off to watch Women’s Murder Club and pretend like I’m working! 🙂 I ♥ my job!

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  • Cheryl (or C to the 2nd power) says:

    The church that I go to (and have been going to since practically birth) is Baptist, and the service is usually an hour/hour and a half on Sundays. I usually don’t go every Sunday anymore; just whenever the mood strikes me. It’s in Oak Park off Oak Park Ave. and Lake St. Let me know if you’re interested.

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