shaba dabba tweet tweet tweet…

I spent Saturday with my BFFL (henceforth referred to as The Biffles). I rarely get to see her because of [personal reasons redacted], but when I do it’s just like we were back in 7th grade. Entirely too much giggling happening betwixt us, okay? HA! The Biffles is quite possibly one of my favorite people because she GETS me. I love spending time with her because I don’t have to explain my actions, thoughts, feelings, etc. She just knows where I’m coming from and (whether or not she agrees) supports me (and vice versa). That’s MAJOR. I don’t have a lot of people in my life who just let me be with no question.

So I’m at The Biffles’ house (looking up something on my phone) when I suddenly find out some VERY stressful information. My mood changes instantly and I damn near RUN out of her house. She texts me later on and says “I know something was wrong though you said you were okay. I understand why you felt you had to lie, but do it again & that’s your behind!” I had to laugh because she’s six months pregnant and threatening to whoop my butt. I was going somewhere with this & here I go digressing…

So without going into the reason I got so ruffled and had to flee from The Biffles, I’ll just say this. It was completely my fault that this bad thing happened. I played Russian Roulette with the hands of fate and ended up with the short end of the stick once again. (Could I be more cliched with that last sentence, btw?! Yeesh!) I do stupid ish like this all of the time. I go into a situation knowing good & well that I shouldn’t be there. Nevertheless, I stay there, teetering as close to the edge as possible. I manage (usually for a short period of time) to not fall off the cliff. I get comfortable and somewhat cocky, then WHAM! My silly behind gets knocked off the cliff. Then it’s face broken, epiphany/healing time. “I’ll never do that again,” says J. Only to repeat the mistake after x amount of time. ::le sigh:: This is all very vague and probably somewhat confusing, but the moral of the story is…

Insanity is defined as repeating the same behavior and expecting a different result.

I think I’m nuts. 😉

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  • Toya says:

    LOL this was cute. But, I know what you mean and i don't know what you mean at the same time lol. Nothing better in life than spending time with the biffles though 🙂

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