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Jeanette Nicole. Nearly 30. Cube jockey. Nice. Fun. Smart. Intelligent. (Yes, there is a difference) Sarcastic. Betchy. Caring. Driven. Ambitious. Kind. Lover, not a fighter (but I’ll crack ya teeth). Silly. Adventurous. Grammar Nazi. Spelling freak. Avid reader. Mother of none. Sister of three. Aunt of five (unless  youngest bro has some kids I dunno about). Friend to many. Friend of few. Technology lover. Internet addicted. Trying to get back into writing regularly. Adores alliteration. Moody. Fully buys into the Leo stereotype. Convinced, not conceited. Daddy’s girl. Single minded when it comes to some subjects. Still believes in true love. Highly favored. Sprinkles Cupcakes addict. Illinois born and bred with a sprinkle of Southern hospitality. I STAN unapologetically for Janet Jackson, orange sour patch kids, Kelly Clarkson, Tamia Washington-Hill, Chandra Wilson, Jill Scott, & The Knowles Family (- Mathew  and + Kelly Rowland). Serious weakness for chocolate, a well-prepared cocktail and attractive men. Wicked/twisted sense of humor. Loves irony despite not having a firm grasp on its definition. Vertically challenged.

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