Rocking the Red Pump on Happy Black Girl Day

Red Pump Widget

This year marks the 2nd annual Rocking the Red Pump initiative started by two of my favorite bloggers Karyn of the Fabulous Giver and Luvvie of Awesomely Luvvie. In the year since its conception, the Red Pump Project has grown tremendously and I am proud of be a part of the group of bloggers who rock it. 🙂 The focus of the Red Pump Project is to increase the awareness of HIV/AIDS while educating the masses about the disease and preventative measures. The organization has gone from a blog driven, widget rockin’ campaign to a full fledged corporation with subsidiaries in over 30 locations across the United States. Please check out the organization here: .

This year’s Red Pump rockage happens to coincide with an initiative started by another one of my favorite bloggers, Sister Toldja of The Beautiful Struggler called Happy Black Girl Day. Started by by Toldja as a counteractive move against all of the negative news regarding Black women that has been in the media lately, this is a day for Black women to just be happy. Let all of the negative energy roll of your back and walk through the day smiling. Encourage your fellow sistas with a smile, compliment, wink, nod, whatever to let them know, “It’s okay to be happy. Mules of the world be damned, we’re gonna shine.” This idea was lambasted by many when Toldja first came up with the initiative. They saw it as separatist and contadictory. Why just Black girls? Shouldn’t happiness be an everyday thing, not just once every blue moon? blah blah blah… Toldja breaks it down so that it’s forever and consistently broke (shoutout to Isaiah Washington), here.

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