Randomsity before brunch with the ladies. . .

Myself and mi amigas cheetahs (Cheryl and Trina) are doing Drury Lane today. I’m so excited. And also, fat, lol. Annnnnyway, that’s not why I logged in right quick, though.

Last night I went with Trina to B***** & F****’s place for F****’s birthday party. There were a few people there from their job as well as the birthday guy’s other friends. Well one of the dudes they worked with brought his brother along for the ride as well. HE WOULD NOT STOP TALKING TO ME! I was getting fairly annoyed because he sat his ass right in front of me while I’m tryna watching the Jazz/Rockets game. “You’re not watching this game. Girls don’t like basketball.” Actually, I do dipshit. I happen to LOVE basketball. Then he proceeded to quiz me like I really don’t know shit about ball. Joey woulda been proud of me, lol. The highlight og the night was this exchange though:

Him: So you’ll give me your number?
Me: I’ll think about it.
Him: What you gotta think about? A woman knows when she meets a man right off top whether or not she’s interested.
Me: (in my head Duh muthafuka, don’t you get the hint? I’m tryna be nice by saying I’ll think about it!) I’m not like most women. Like I said I’ll think about it.
Him: Well don’t think about it too hard. I’m not used to this shit.
Me: What? I’m supposed to jump at the chance to throw you my number. No. We don’t do that here.
Him: You picky ain’t you?
Me: Extremely so.
(moments pass. watching the game.)
Him: You know I was just playin’, right? Man, I’m 30 years old. (Guess he thought I was young bc I said I graduated college in 2006). I got a girl a home with a baby on the way. And I got a baby at home.
Me: Oh that’s what’s up. When’s your girl due? (I don’t think he was expecting that question.)
Him: Yeah, you know I was just tryna see where your head is at. You’re a beautiful Black sista and I wanted to see where your head was at.
Me: Mmmmmhmmm. Thank you. How old is your baby?
Him: You got your shit together, huh? *turns back to watch the game*

You peep that shit? You see how this n-word (I’m tryna but down on my usage of that word) flipped script to save face? Ridiculous. Not to mention, clammed the hell up when I asked about that baby or should I say those babies! And I’m not even going to go into how this mofu tried to convince me that I’ve dated white guys because I live in Bensenville (false. Only drunkenly made out with one, lmao) and how he spilled beer on B.Fo’s rug and got blasted by her. LOL!

This shit right here? It’s why I’m single with no prospects. Because every time I meet some guy randomly, this happens. If you’ll notice, every guy I’ve ever hooked up with regularly or dated has been a friend of mine first. I don’t do well with just meeting guys who I actually click with and immediately getting romantical, lol. I have to build. I’m sensing a problem. *sigh*

2 Responses to “Randomsity before brunch with the ladies. . .”

  • Jackie says:

    The funniest part of reading this was getting to the bottom and seeing the label…couldn’t make this shit up if I tried, lmfao!!! And this guy sounds like a total punk-ass that doesn’t respect women (or his babies for that matter) in the least. Nicely played J.

  • Brian says:

    What made him think you’d become interested once he told you about his pregnant girl at home with a child? He shoulda said something else to see where your head was at…lol!

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