I was blog hopping and I found this. I thought it was sort of interesting, so I decided to do it. The source is at the bottom. 🙂

Are you happy with your blogging? If not, what changes do you want to make?

– I am not 100% with it only because I cannot seem to find my niche again. I began blogging in 2004 and I feel like I have not made any growth. If anything, I’ve regressed in ways. There was a time when I was excited about writing. I got a buzz from sharing my thoughts, feelings, ideas, pontifications, etc whether or not anyone was reading. Then as I moved about and started blogging in different places (myspace, my own domain, etc), I became painfully aware of people who were close to me IRL reading the blogs and I began to self-censor.

It started with an innocent comment made by a friend of a friend then grew to massive amounts of emails, texts, phone calls with people misinterpreting what I’ve said on the blog. So I began to get super vague in my descriptions and cut out the personal stuff. Believe it or not that made it worse. The vagueness lead to even more confusion. I just was so chuffed that I decided to stop blogging as a whole. The hiatus gave way to laziness and here we are now.

I also think that the lack of academic writing lead to a drop off in blog writings. When my brain is not being stimulated, the writing juices dry up like the Sahara. Innate creativity is completely gone. I’m thinking of actually going to the local community college and taking a couple of evening classes in fiction writing or creative writing of some sort. Try and get this train rollin’ once again. 🙂

Does blogging ever feel like a chore to you or is it always fun?

– I touched on this briefly in the previous question. Initially it was fun, but became a chore once I has to go all cloak and daggery with my postings. I think everyone who knows me on the outside (lol) should know that if I have something to say to you, I will say it directly. I do not have to hide behind my blog. Once I am able to let go and fully say what I want to again, then I believe it will be fun again. 🙂

Do people you know in real life blog? Do they use twitter?

– People I know IRL have blogged, but I think the only one who is still doing so currently is AllyPally. She updates her LJ every blue moon. Or it’s probably more like I travel over to LJ every blue moon and see updates from her, haha! At any rate, the people I hang out with aren’t really into the blogging thing. I have, however, managed to get my Secretary of Health and Human Services (ha!) hooked on Twitter! Some of my other friends that I talk to less frequently tweet as well.

Do you have any of your own unwritten rules of blogging?

– Again, I touched on this briefly in an earlier question. My biggest unwritten rule of blogging was to not get too personal for fear of IRL folks getting all in my biz. I’m prepared to throw that rule out of the window though. I feel as if my writing is lacking if it is not personal. I don’t want to feel like I have to create a subject to talk about when I really wanna talk about how last Saturday [Creatively Nicknamed Person that I know IRL] pissed me off.

Other than that, not really. It’s pretty much no holds barred. Is that how the phrase goes?

Do you judge posts by how many comments they receive?

– I judge my own sometimes. More specifically, if I want feedback on a particular subject I’ve posted about and get none. 🙁 I’m a Leo, I love attention (read: I’m a comment whore! LOL) Some people however, (for reasons I cannot fathom) like to text, call, or email me about things they’ve seen on the blog instead of just clicking the add a comment button. Please refrain. Comment me. I LOVE comments. 🙂

How much attention do you pay to your blog statistics?

– I added that Feedjit thingie over there because I was interested in knowing if I have any people who lurk and don’t comment, lol. It kinda puts their business on blast. Also, it shows me that I am not alone in wanting those David Alan Grier as Maya Angelou SNL skits to be put on the internet somewhere. I swear at least 50% of the people who pop up on the feedjit come directly to that post from google. C’mon NBC Universal, get with it!

Do you have any goals in mind for your blog?

– Right now, no. I plan to keep it as such. An outlet for my thoughts, feelings, viewpoints, narcissistic (sp?) ramblings, and such. 🙂

Do you reply to comments? If so, how? In the comments section or by email? Which do you prefer as a blog reader?

– I am guilty of not replying to comments sometimes. I’m not sure if people go back and reread the comment sections on posts that they already commented on. I should start responding though. I will. From now on. 🙂

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2 Responses to “Q&A”

  • Assertive Wit says:

    this was a good Q&A…

  • Tasha says:

    I have had one weird experience with someone IRL. It worked itself out. I am trying to just not care. But there is one thing I am not taking about. Because I don’t wanna hear people’s opinion at all about it.

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