i didn’t have a real title for this post, but as i logged into blogger i noticed that the last post was the 79th, thus this title was born. but i digress. . . so today i took a personal day from work. i was tired of the bullshit of not doing anything all day […]

Saving this for posterity.

Yesterday, The Veep and I were having a heart to heart via email. I’m putting this email that I sent to her here to remind me to keep striving to have this attitude. Believe me when I say that I completely understand you when it comes to letting go and just blindly trusting someone to […]

a promise to be real.

i’ve been holding back a lot on this blog. i. . .i dunno, i just have not been feeling like sharing every. single. detail. of my life these days. or my true thoughts and feelings about situations that i’ve been going through. but the buck stops here today, so to speak. fuck it. this is […]

I love this picture.

That is all.

Interracial dating. . .and a question.

This is a post from my old blog that I’m throwing up until I come up with some fresh material. So if you start reading and think, “Whoa this sounds familiar”, no it’s not dejavu. So I was listening to the radio this morning. . .not DreX, I flipped over to Eddie, Jobo, and Erica […]

Some things I’ve been thinking about. . .

Has there ever been one person who you just cannot get out of your mind? You could go without seeing or talking to this person for a great while, but thoughts of him/her linger in the back of your mind regardless? It’s amazingly frustrating is what it is, haha. It’s also forcing me to come […]

Randomsity before brunch with the ladies. . .

Myself and mi amigas cheetahs (Cheryl and Trina) are doing Drury Lane today. I’m so excited. And also, fat, lol. Annnnnyway, that’s not why I logged in right quick, though. Last night I went with Trina to B***** & F****’s place for F****’s birthday party. There were a few people there from their job as […]

Perfect career alternatives for me. . .

Truck Driver: This one may make you shake your heads, like wtf is she on? It’s in my blood, son! My maternal grandfather was a truck driver and I love driving. Just ask anyone who knows me. I enjoy taking road trips very much. Heck, on my drive back from California I did the lion’s […]

“This here celibacy thaaaannnnnggggg. . .”

Word up to Jill Scott for the inspiration for the post title. If I had not misplaced my Words and Sounds Vol.3: The Real Thing, I would most certainly be playing the hell out of Jill’s “Celibacy Blues”. Baby, have I got them! HAHA! I think my friends are going totally start boycotting phone calls […]

Something that pissed me off. . .

Yes, it’s a real post. I know there hasn’t been many of those in the past few days. I’ve been meaning to sit down and actually write something of substance, but I just can’t lately. Yesterday though, I had a conversation that pissed me off so much that I’m still thinking about it today. This […]

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