One is NOT the loneliest number, damnit!

Lately I’ve been real cool on hanging out with a bunch of people. I rang in the New Year with friends, but since then I’ve kinda been just chillin’ on my lonesome. Not for lack of anything to do, but because I WANT TO. A lot of people I know have been taking this as me being anti-social or trying to sever ties. So not the case (in most instances…except you over there. No, not you. *points* YOU! I really don’t want to be involved with you. Anymore. At all.). I relish alone time. Scratch that…

I actually REALLY enjoy being alone.

I grew up as an only child, so it’s nothing for me to hangout by myself. When I need human interaction, I seek it. But to be perfectly honest, I could probably go two weeks with no human interaction and be okay. I’m my best friend (& worst enemy, but that’s for another day). I love me, flaws & all (see: Beyonce) and have no problem with keeping time with me.

I worry about people who can’t spend one waking minute alone. Much like women who claim not to have any female friends because they’re “too catty”, I don’t trust these scared of lonelies (see: Bey…again). Whether it’s always keeping up with people at work or incessantly planning activities with others, they never seem to find time to be alone. What are they hiding from? Why can’t they have some solo time?

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