On Imagination and Creativity…

I wrote this years ago for an assignment in undergrad. Thought I’d share it with you all. Also, yes I do realize it’s sort of cheating, but I’m tryna get back on the blog bandwagon…

By nature, I’m a writer. It’s been in my blood since I was a wee babe, ha! Over the years I have been consistently writing, be it for school or pleasure. I mainly enjoy writing for pleasure, as it has no bounds. I’m able to create what I want to write about and take it any direction that I please.

In that respect, I’d say imagination plays a huge role in assisting the completion of my goals. I tend to structure my life around the ability to use my imagination. When faced with tough decisions, it is a means of escapism. Not saying that I merely ignore these decisions and float off on a cloud to some sort of Happyland, but I use my imagination to help come to a solution for the problems. I usually picture myself choosing different paths and think about the possible outcomes of each. I also use imagnation when I am helping others sort things out in their lives. I am famous for telling my friends to “allow my mind to take [them] on a trip”, so that they can see things from a different point of view.

I also tend to use imagination when I’m working with my kids. Well, not my kids biologically, as I have none, but my younger cousins. Kids are very intrigued with playing pretend games. It helps them grasp things a little bit easier. There have been countless times that I’ve gotten them to do thing that they didn’t want to do by coming up with some sort of game that allowed them to pretend to be a character, animal, or something of that nature. Imagination is a strong tool in focusing the energy of the mind in my opinion.

Creativity, like imagination, is also a major factor in assisting me to get things done. As I said in an earlier paragraph, I consider myself a writer. It’s a hobby that I picked up when I was younger and just haven’t let go. Something about being able to, in a sense, define the destiny of another person is magnetic for me. I tend to write short stories with characters based on people I know in real life. With my characters though, I tend to play up some quality that I see in the person I know that’s otherwise hidden and not explored. I try to draw on that quality and mold my character around that one quirk. It’s helpful whn I’m writing about someone and they read it because I can say to that person that they were an inspiration, but the character isn’t really him/her.

Also when I’m able to be creative, my work flows freely. Quite a bit of the time when I have to write papers for school, I dread it. It’s usualy because my creativity has been stifled. Most teachers have a strict set of guidelines that you must follow and it’s their way or the highway. That is one of the most damaging things that a teacher could do to their students, in my opinion. I do believe, of course, that there should be some sort of structure, but I also belive that it shouldn’t be so structred that the student becomes more focused on trying to emulate the teacher’s model instead of worrying about the subject matter of the paper.

Without creativity and imagination helping us along, I think that life would be rather dull. No one would be unique. We’d all be the same blase people who simply are walking through life without living it.

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