Officially. . .

To me, this song is perfection. If you’re my friend on Facebook, then you’ll know that I’ve been listening to Tamia all day. I have all of her albums (and random soundtrack songs) on my PC at work, so I’ve been JAMMING ON THE ONE, SON! I swear I do not get why she is so damned underrated. She’s gorgeous! She can SANG her face off (as evidenced in the above vid)! She’s married to an awesome baller! They have two adorable little princesses! What else does she need? LOL It must be because she is Canadian because I often wonder this same thing about Deborah Cox and that is their only common link, haha! I digress though. All in all, I love she!

I remember the first time I heard “Officially Missing You”. I was down in E’Ville at my apartment in Cougar Village (417 1A, what up!!!) bumming around on the internet when I read that Tamia had a new song out. I was hellas excited because it was TOO long since A Nu Day (My fave Tamia album) & I was in need of some new ‘Mia. I went to her official site and the song was streaming. From the first “mmmmmmm” I was HOOKT! I didn’t have any of the knowledge I do now, so I was at a loss for how to capture the audio from the stream. I used the janky lil sound recorder from Windows and my mic to capture the audio. I had to do it so many times and my final copy of the song still had an IM sound in it somewhere. I listened to that song at least 100 times that day and sent my lil janky link to everyone I knew like “*Beyonce voice* LISSSSSSEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNN!!!!!” Everyone wasn’t as excited about it as I was, but whateva. To this day, I hear the initial guitar chords and I get excited. The video below is another of my faves! Simply amazazing!

3 Responses to “Officially. . .”

  • JaeSpenc says:

    I agree! Absolutely LOVE Tamia… Her voice has always gone right through me. Remember ” You Put a Move On My Heart”? That was the first time I was privy to her music. That song STILL jams in my Ipod…

  • jeanette nicole* says:

    YESSSSSS @ “You Put a Move. . .” That video started my standom! BET’s Midnight Soul always played it. Thas how I feel in love with her and Maxwell! 😀

  • suga says:

    I, too, am confuzzled as to why Tamis (and Deborah Cox) aren't HUGE stars. The talent is undeniable, and so is the beauty. Tamia's last album was the best R&B album of 2007 (or was it released in 2006, can't remember lol) in my opinion. I blogged about it before it was released and urged everybody to support her…thats how much I love her. Chic is BAD…in a good way lol

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