Negative Neds & Nellies…

There’s this girl I know, right? I wouldn’t necessarily call her a friend, but she’s someone with whom I have infrequent interaction for a very good reason. Nearly every conversation with her takes on the same slant. She complains about every minute detail of her life & I’m supposed to…well actually I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with it. She unloads all of her baggage and only succeeds in bringing me down. An example of a conversation with her:

Me: Hey girl, isn’t it beautiful outside today?
Her: *sigh* The sun is shining too bright & hurt my eyes. I’ve been temporarily blinded.
Me: I guess you ought to invest in some sunglasses then, huh? *laughs*
Her: *sounding dejected* Sunglasses are too expensive these days. I can’t afford a good pair and the last pair I bought from the drugstore broke within five minutes of me buying them. Ugh, I swear the craftsmanship of items just ain’t what it used to be. Why don’t people take pride in making items anymore? Just like my job, they don’t appreciate me. I work hard every day, but no one seems to notice. And my mother is getting on my nerves too.
Me: . . .
Her: (insert rant about everything in her life that is going wrong)
Me: *sigh* You know what? I’ma just go now…

I’m an emotional sponge. I think it’s a Leo trait to be entirely too empathetic to the point of impediment. Just hearing the slightest bit of blue in someone’s tone sends me right in the pits with them. I could be having the greatest day ever, but if I come into contact w/ one of these people, it all goes down the tubes & I fall into their whole “woe is me” frame of mine. I HATE this. It’s the main reason I’ve limited my contact with people in whom I can readily recognize this trait. I say readily recognize because I’ve been fooled by poseurs a couple times.

We all have our off days. Some more than others & I completely get that. However, when every conversation with you has me doing fireman pole slides down into emotional abysses…*sigh* Perhaps it’s time for you to reassess your priorities & figure out how to turn it around into some positivity?

What say ye?

One Response to “Negative Neds & Nellies…”

  • MJW says:

    I have one of these people in my life as well. I gotta tell you it really hit me this past weekend about how much she really is like that. I didn't have cell service for 2 days and to be honest, it was amazing. It was nice to "unplug" for a bit. Once I had cell service, it was her blowing up my phone with drama. I try to take her negativity and turn it to positivity but sometimes its hard work and it's draining so I know exactly what you mean. Those people don't appreciate life like we do.

    Hope you had a great holiday weekend J!

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