Making moves…

On Friday I made a big decision. I decided to apply to join T.eac.h for A.mer.ica (don’t want this entry to come up in google searches). I am not having the best luck when it comes to finding a graduate program in Education that will work with my schedule as well as provide me with my degree in an accelerated period of time, so this is the next best thing. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, the program is one that trains people from various walks of life (recent grads, established professionals, and hopefully me!) to become teachers.

The application process begins with an online general application. From there they narrow the field down and start phone interviews (I find out by 09.24 if I made it thru the first cut. *praying feverishly*) After phoners, there’s in-persons and final selection. If I am selected, then I will attend a summer training session. After the training session, the people are assigned to various placements in rural or urban parts of the United States. During the application process, you get to choose where you would like to be placed (Dallas, New Mexico, & Chicago if you were wondering). One is not guaranteed placement in the areas in which they are selected, but it is taken into high consideration when the time comes.

I really want into this program. Let me say that again so you get me I REALLY WANT INTO THIS PROGRAM. At first I was hesitant to really speak on it because of fear of jinxing myself. Then I stopped the superstitions and told a few people. I spoke briefly with my dad about it the first time I considered applying and chickened out. So I’m hoping I have some good news on Thursday to tell him. If not there’s always my plan B…

I have applied for 5011 6 jobs at Ha.rpo. Some that I believe that I am qualified for and a couple that I know that I am not qualified for in any way, shape, or form. I am convinced that if my quest to become a teacher does not work out (with rapid results ala TFA), then I will be working for Opie by the end of 2010. I have to have faith, haha!

The truth is I am bored with my current position. I sit around harvesting crops on FarmVille and tweeting random thoughts that pop into my head for 8 hours a day. Many people that I work with love the fact that we don’t have any work and are able to surf the internet all willy nilly. I am NOT one of those people. I prefer to have my mind stimulated at all times. I would venture to say that I can accomplish all that I do on a daily basis in less than 2 hours. Quelle ridiculous, non?

I am grateful that I have a job that is enabling me to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly, but I am completely and utterly bored. I did recently get a promotion (hold your applause. NO REALLY HOLD IT), but all it did was add another stick behind my name (instead of a [position title] I, I am now a [position title] II). The pay increase will get eaten up in taxes and I do not have any additional responsibilities or workload.

I hate to sound like Complaining Caroline, but I am sick and tired of not being challenged. I’ve expressed my boredom to several people in charge with no results. They’ll give me “special” projects which are completed soon after they are assigned. In recent history, one was to compile a list of emergency contact information for our team of 20-something people. It took longer to get a response to the emails I sent out than it did for me to complete the project.

My goal is to be in place at a new job by the beginning of 2010 if I am not accepted into TFA. Being proactive and working toward that goal is what gets me in trouble… ;-p

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