Little Known Fact About J Vol. 1

I am highly superstitious. I believe in signs, gut feelings, jinxes, & things of that nature.

Yesterday was a good day. A snowballing of positivity, love, & general feelings of fuzziness. 🙂 I found out that I will be receiving my overdue promotion soon thanks to a spy being in the right place at the right time. Waiting for it to be formally announced is killing me. I’ve been seeing Big Boss Boss coming over to Medium Boss Boss’ office more often lately, so I know it’s on the way. I am impatient though, so I’m like “ARGH JUST ANNOUNCE IT ALREADY!”

I’ve been getting more of an opportunity to do things that I enjoy at work lately. Lil Boss Boss is on a taskforce that is helping mold one of our newly acquired school underneath the corporation’s umbrella. One of her assignments as a part of this task force was to do an edit of the first draft of the school’s academic catalog. She admits that she is not really a wordsmith, so she allowed myself & another fellow English major on our team to chop it up. Those two days we spent a combined total of about 8 hours going through this 38 page document and cleaning it up. The first day I almost forgot to take lunch because we got so caught up in it. I was on a high. It was the first time in a long time where I left work completely satisfied with the work I had done throughout the course of the day.

Medium Boss Boss has been attuned to my wordsmithery as well. She calls me from time to time to run something she has written by me to see if I like how it sounds or how I would say it. We spent 20 minutes on the phone Friday crafting a more specific job description to be posted on our careers website. She read some bullet points she had, I wasn’t really feeling them. Made a suggestion to make them action driven, spouted off a quick example, and BOOYAH! Next thing I know, I’d completely crafted the whole damn thing.

Again, exciting. I get a rush from things like that. I don’t think anyone really understands how much I love words and sculpting them to form thoughts. I’ve been neglecting writing for a number of years now (this blog does not count). I used to actively write every day up until I hit a roadblock. Instead of trying to get around it, I just chucked writing aside. I’ve got to get my mojo back & get some things in motion. If I want to make a career change and get more into a literary field, it starts with fine tuning my skills. I’m thinking of picking up some community college writing courses, just to get things back on track. Maybe for the fall, dependant upon how finances look.

I volunteered to help my mother move some of her stuff from storage to her new place. On the way, we made a stop & the events that unfolded during the course of that stop were nothing short of amazing. I am being incredibly vague right now because if all goes well, things in my life may be changing for the better sooner than I anticipated. I do not want to jinx this. I will just say that everything felt so right, organic. . .I’ve never felt more at peace with a situation as I did yesterday.

I ended the night by spending time with my cousin Dani, her new bb CJ, Jersey, & NR (gotta get her a blog nick). This was the first time we’d all hung out since Dani had the baby. We were getting her caught up on work stuff, feeding our faces (whycome no one told me how good sushi is?!?!?!) & imbibing a lil vino. I didn’t do much talking, chiming in at necessary junctures, but for the most part observing. I am so freaking blessed to have women like this in my life. Women whom I can call friend & mean it. I’ve only known Jersey & NR for a short amount of time, but I know they’re the real deal. Genuine sistas who’ll have my back as much as I have theirs.

The older I get the more I’m finding more genuine people to invite into my life. I dig that. In the earlier part of my 20s, I did so much weeding out of toxic individuals that I felt like a gardener. I’m so over that now.

All in all, I’m feeling good. Genuinely, not just saying it to put up a facade. I still have my moments when I’m feeling down, but I just step back and think about the people in my life, the luxuries that I am afforded, etc & know that I am living a life of the highly favored. Though storms may arise, I know that He cares for me & will never give me more than I can bear. I tend to forget that too much for my (and prolly His, as well) liking. I’m trying to fix it, after all I am a work in progress. . .

OH! I forgot one last part. So this morning I wake up craving sweets. I had these two fortune cookies from when I got my China Rice earlier this week. I killed them in like 5 seconds flat, then go to read the fortunes.

Everything will now come your way.

Someone is speaking well of you.

I will admit, I like the way both of those sound. Hopefully my sekrit squirrel news will be able to be made public knowledge soon. I’m dying to share, but you know. . .jinx & all. 🙂 Ok, now I’m off to eventually catch a movie with The Veep. Ta!

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  • BeeHappy says:

    Yeah for raises! Good for you! Also I blogged about how sushi pretty much rocks. Sad face you missed the blog but happy face that you love it and tried it too! Hope you are having a nice weekend!

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