Irritatingly ignorant.

I strongly dislike Oreo cookies. I don’t know when this began because when I was a shorty, I would fade them jawns like whoa. Now, however? The only way I can take them are in various ice cream creations. [/random. . .or is it?]

“You’re the Whitest Black girl I’ve ever known!” exclaimed Michelle. Michelle was a roommate of mine in undergrad. She made this statement after learning that I listened to (& also stan for) Kelly Clarkson. Really? Just how many Black girls have you known, Michelle? I’m not counting those whom you’ve seen in passing while attending SIU Carbondale nor the ones you’ve seen on the televsion. Furthermore, what makes you an authority on authentic Blackness and how to gauge it? Please enlighten me so that I may too be able to perform this task.

My younger cousins are growing up in a majority white suburb of Chicago. They speak VERY proper English (Thanks to my coaching! English majors say hoooooooo!) and love Hannah Montana/High School Musical/ et. al. Their cousins who are growing up in the “hood” often tease them for “talking/acting white”. I hate that phrase and all incarnations of it. Acting/speaking White means what exactly? Because I am a Black female I must only like R&B/Rap/Hip-Hop, never shop @ AE/Abercrombie/Hollister/et. al., and not speak the King’s English? If I do any of these things then I am not really Black. Fuckouttahere with that noise.

I hate stereotyping in any way, shape, or form. Just because someone does not conform to your ideal of what you think a person of his/her gender/race/ethnicity/sexual orientation does not make that person any less authentic. Perhaps you should rethink your narrow view of what you want them to be & accept the person as they are.

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  • BeeHappy says:

    I too don’t like Oreo’s but only like them in ice cream so to me I don’t find it weird. 🙂
    I do agree that some people really do have a narrow mind or because they’ve had a bad experience with a certain race. Not every person is the same damn person! I hung out with a guy once and his words were “those dumb white folks.” Really you are going to say things like that – hello I am white! Needless to say I only hung out with him that one time! Idiots! Great post!!

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