I have a crush on Dr. Ian.

Think of today as confession Friday and that subject line is my confession, haha! He comes off as kinda corny on Celebrity Fit Club, but I like corny dudes. At any rate, a few days ago my friend Veep sent me an email about one of our local news affiliates starting a Fit Club. It broke down the basic rules of the Fit Club & offered an invitation to join. I was kinda iffy about it, but then I saw that Dr. Ian was running it (and I’d eventually get to meet him [!!!]). I hopped on board IMMEDIATELY! Haha! I recognize it’s a ploy for him to get more exposure (and money from us buying his book), but I don’t even care.

I’ve been talking a good game about wanting to lose weight, but I had no definitive plan. I also had no one but myself to be held accountable to, so I could slip and fall as much as I want. Granted I’ve done pretty good thus far. Since my weekend in Milwaukee, I’ve not eaten ANY fast food. Which is a great feat for me because I’m typically a lazy bum when I get home from work in the evenings. I’d usually stop @ Qdoba/Wendy’s/Culver’s/etc and grab something to eat instead of cooking. This week I’ve managed to cook every evening.

The snow has hindered my progress as far as getting back into the gym though. I’ve figured out that I can get 30-45 minutes in before I have to catch my morning train, which is exciting. Will I be able to actually accomplish this though? Only time will tell. I want to keep a positive mental attitude and say “YES I CAN!”, but I know myself. So for now I will say, once the snow disappears from my life, “YES I’LL TRY!”, haha! I do, however, walk (a total of) 1.2 miles every day from the train station downtown to my work building instead of taking the bus. Juxtaposed against my 30ft walk from my car to the front door at my old job, I’d say this is a major accomplishment. Baby steps, y’all, but I’m getting there.

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