Hot fun in the Summertime…

Couple new things happening since I babbled here last.

  • Good (maybe) news! I’m allegedly moving out this weekend. I found a roommate situation that will allow me to be out of my mother’s house and into a house share w/ 2 other people. I say allegedly because the landlord is giving me the flux. First, I contacted him several times (through several different mediums) and received no reply. Had one of my potential new roommates call and she got immediate feedback. Contact since then has been sporadic. Going to try calling/texting/emailing AGAIN today to see if I can get the necessary info and get things squared away by Friday. I’m thisclose to saying eff it and just staying with my ma for a little while longer.
  • Summer concert season officially kicks off for me tonight with Maxwell and Jill Scott live at the United Center. I’m UBER excited as I have never seen Jill live. *hangs heads in fandom shame* I’m more than apt to make up for it tonight though as I will be acting THE fool from the 15th row, haha! Sunday, my girls & I are going to see funny lady Aisha Tyler @ the Chicago Improv. Jazzed for this one too! The last time she was in Chicago we went and she was hilarical. Super nice too! I found my copy of her book & am hoping to be able to get her to sign it this time. Then…on 6/3 I’m going to see the fat belly bella herself, Erykah Badu. Sooooo excited for this show because I have 3rd row center seats @ the Chicago Theatre. I’d initially planned on going w/ friends, but no one is able to go so I’ll be flying dolo. Can’t be too mad tho bc um…3RD ROW!!!! Other shows are to come like Lilith Fair in Boston in July(possibly) and Tamia in NYC on my birthday weekend (which kinda makes me nervous for reasons I can’t get into now).
  • Now I’m off to pretend to do work until 5:30…ttfn!

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  • MJW says:

    Your summer sounds very fun! I'm so jealous of all the awesome concerts! Hope that the apartment thing works out for you! Have a great weekend J!

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