Have I ever told you. . .

That I HATE UMBRELLAS? Like, if there was anything I could banish from the world, they would be at the top of the list! Well, it’s raining so I am forced to carry one or get wet. I hate being wet almost as much as I hate umbrellas. Anyway. So I can’t wear a rain poncho because that would just look absurd. So I’m looking for rain slickers which (along with my rain boots I plan on purchasing) will make me look like the Morton Salt girl. How about this? I keep seeing raincoats with no hoods. WTF is that about?! How is that okay? Are idiots who are buying these carrying umbrellas as well to protect their heads? How stupid is that? At any rate, I’ve said all of that to say this, any of you have any idea where I can look to find a hooded raincoat? LOL

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