Egg on my face.

So this morning while at the gig, I get an Obama text message from a number that I do not readily recognize. My friend J is known for changing numbers regularly, so I think I may be her, but I ask her via myspace and it’s not her. I call my cousin to see if it is a family member or one of our mutual friends. Nope, the number does not ring any bells to her at all. Finally, I text back like “Hey…who is this?” No immediate response so, I go on about my day.

As I’m leaving for lunch (approx. 2pm CST), I pull out my phone and I have eleventy billion text messages. I zero in on the one without a name attached. The reply: “This is [Big], ya buddy”. I jumped up out of my chair and paced the aisle, while muttering “OMG, no it isn’t. OMG.” [Big] = Buddy, whom I’ve spoken about here, here, & here (#3), lol. The whole [Big] thing is a SATC reference that I spoke about here. (Holy linking, Batman!)

Of course I texted back with a lame excuse about having a new phone and his number not being in it, but he clearly knows the truth. I deleted him unceremoniously and until today he was mostly out of my mind. Now? Notsomuch, notgonnalie. What I’ma need him to do is NOT contacting me when I’m feeling all [Granny Klump] vulnerable[/GK].

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  1. lol that’s why a certain someone’s number is still in my phone. I don’t want any surprises as well as when I’m in an anti-social or anti-him mood I know who I’m ignoring lol. I have enough control not to initiate a text so it’s all good.

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