This week hasn’t been the best. The original first line of this post was something much more…Irvine-esque, but I changed it at the last minute. It was just something I needed to get out because it’s been rattling around in my brain for the past few weeks. Anyway, so the theme for my life lately has been the word in the subject up there. it’s just been one big ol circle jerk of disappointment. some have lead to (what i assume) is the dissolution of relationships (&i’m all fucked up behind that, tbh) and others have lead to feelings of complete failure.

i’ve fallen down on the job in a major way and i hardly recognize who i am right now. a week or so back i was talking with some friends about how unemployment allows me a lot of time to sit and think about who i am and what i want in life. all this thinking, however? has lead me to be even more paranoid, neurotic and all around fubar. Blah blah blah, blee blee blee. I’m just gonna end this here because it’s going nowhere but down.

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