Dear You,

In preparation for tonight’s concert, I was in full immersion Jill Scott mode. This song says all the things I can’t ever (&if I’m being honest, won’t ever) say. Maybe I’m thinking too much of myself and I was just a blip on your radar. If not, I just hope that you take heed to the words she is singing and know that if I could, I’d say all of them and a few more…

I’m truly sorry baby for what I did to you
While you were busy loving me, I was busy too
I played you dirty boy, did some things I shouldn’t do
While you were only trying to treat me good
I was playing… damn

I can’t even begin to explain
I’m truly sorry boy
Believe me I had my turn
The next time love came along yeah it was me who burned
Sad and desperate I cried wondering why asking God why
He would do this to me so damn easy
Well karma’s real and now I really do understand
What you give is what you get, universal plan
Paid my price and looked at my life
And finally I’m loving somebody righteously
I can’t even begin to explain
How good it is
I can’t even begin to explain

What goes around comes around really do
Really does come back around
And I’m sorry for what I didn’t to you
You didn’t deserve what I gave you but I gave it to you
I hope you’re okay
I hope you’re loving

Well baby just because you loved and lost don’t mean stop loving
If you have a nightmare, do you stop dreaming?
Don’t give up on love because what I did to you
I hope you’re okay
I really do


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