Dear Me….

Inspired by Solange’s beautiful letter to her teenage self, a Facebook friend asked, “What’s ONE thing (or more!) you would want tell your ‘freshly graduated’ self?” Here’s my answer…

I’d tell newly graduated high school me: Stop being such a people pleaser. The most important person that matters is you. Do not forsake your comfort for the ease of others. Let K go–he’s not worth it…or you. You’re too young to even be thinking about “love” or “the one” or “forever”. You’ve got a lot of places to go, things to see, and people to do. The world is limitless, step outside of your timidity and face it head on. You’ll fall (a lot), but it’s okay. Learn, move on, & grow.

I’d tell newly graduated college me: Well that took some time didn’t it?! But you did it…at your own pace and on your own terms. So relax and bask for a minute before heading into the “real world”. Hold onto B. He is good for you and your mercurial moods. Get out of Illinois as soon as possible, you need some time away to appreciate home fully. Take time out for yourself and don’t forget to breathe. I love you so very much…even when it seems like I don’t.

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