consider my world rocked.

warning: stream of consciousness

one of my good friends is haitian. she has a great deal of family and friends on the island still. although her family isn’t in port au price, that leave no relief for all of the [last name redacted] that are here. worrying. waiting. praying. another friend of mine married into a haitian family who has family on the island still as well. worrying. waiting. praying.

i just went on a rant via email to my friend about how spoiled we americans are. she was detailing the phone system in the parts of haiti in which her family lives. they are barely able to make a phone call during *good* times, so just imagine how hard it is to get through during this crisis.

i sit here feeling impotent and a bit ashamed.

impotent because there is nothing that i can do. i will donate to relief efforts, but i somehow don’t feel like that is enough. i want to be able to do more, but there is nothing more i can do.

ashamed because while i am complaining about not being able to buy a new tv/pair od shoes/ dvd box set/ item of clothing/etc., there are tons of people in third world countries who have don’t even have food to eat, a secure roof over their heads, and a steady stream of income. all of which i have.

it’s a damn shame that a natural disaster has to happen for me to appreciate the things i do have and learn to live without the things i don’t.

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