Little Known Fact About J Vol. 1

I am highly superstitious. I believe in signs, gut feelings, jinxes, & things of that nature. Yesterday was a good day. A snowballing of positivity, love, & general feelings of fuzziness. 🙂 I found out that I will be receiving my overdue promotion soon thanks to a spy being in the right place at the […]

Are you there God? It’s me, Jeanette.

I am not religious, I’m spiritual. That’s my copout for not going to church. I’m one of the most faithful members of Bedside Baptist. The real truth of the matter is while I do “get” parts of the Bible, I don’t “get” other parts. I have no desire to sit in a church for hours […]

Keep the Fatih. . .

Two blogs, two days in a row. Someone alert the media. At any rate, I just received an email that is forcing me to sit over here and really think about some things. Veep sent me this forward entitled “Is HE the ONE: THE RIGHT ONE?” The gist of the email is breaking down how […]

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