Hot fun in the Summertime…

Couple new things happening since I babbled here last. Good (maybe) news! I’m allegedly moving out this weekend. I found a roommate situation that will allow me to be out of my mother’s house and into a house share w/ 2 other people. I say allegedly because the landlord is giving me the flux. First, […]

The Epitome of Ho Shit…

So I was sitting at work, minding my own when a song popped into my head. I started humming it while reading a book at lunch and couldn’t get it out of my brain. I only knew the chorus, but not who sung it so I went to my friend Googlisha to figure it all […]

"Text me on my cell phone…"

Warning: This is going to be random, disjointed, and very tangental. I have a ton of stuff on my mind and need to empty it out some. * I really like that A.Sleaze/Beyowulf “Put It It a Love Song” jawn. The beat gets me to stompin’ & actin’ a fool when it comes on. The […]

On Imagination and Creativity…

I wrote this years ago for an assignment in undergrad. Thought I’d share it with you all. Also, yes I do realize it’s sort of cheating, but I’m tryna get back on the blog bandwagon… By nature, I’m a writer. It’s been in my blood since I was a wee babe, ha! Over the years […]

A stray thought. . .

Can you imagine if every situation in life where you have to cast off someone was like the America’s Next Top Model elimination? Firing someone from a job: “Joe, you must immediately return to your cubicle, pack your belongings, and go home. You are no longer in the running for becoming America’s Next Top Office […]

Have I ever told you. . .

That I HATE UMBRELLAS? Like, if there was anything I could banish from the world, they would be at the top of the list! Well, it’s raining so I am forced to carry one or get wet. I hate being wet almost as much as I hate umbrellas. Anyway. So I can’t wear a rain […]


prepare for a full on stream of consciousness, rambling post full of random thoughts and anecdotes. the following conversation (paraphrased) happened at approximately 4:30pm CST on Sunday July 20, 2008. veep: i’m glad that i was not born in a third world countryme: [puzzled look]veep: i mean really, all they have is like dirty water […]


i didn’t have a real title for this post, but as i logged into blogger i noticed that the last post was the 79th, thus this title was born. but i digress. . . so today i took a personal day from work. i was tired of the bullshit of not doing anything all day […]

a promise to be real.

i’ve been holding back a lot on this blog. i. . .i dunno, i just have not been feeling like sharing every. single. detail. of my life these days. or my true thoughts and feelings about situations that i’ve been going through. but the buck stops here today, so to speak. fuck it. this is […]

I love this picture.

That is all.

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