Silencing my biological clock…

The title of this is a misnomer, honestly. I had a different path in mind when I began this entry, but my mind decided to go somewhere else with it. Too lazy to change the title, I stuck with the original one…sue me, heh. I recently had dinner with two of my oldest friends, Veepy […]

Interview with J…

Today we’re gonna do a little interview with me. So let’s get it crackin’. Q: J, what is your favorite movie genre?A: Romantic Comedy Q: J, what is your favorite book genre?A: Romance novels Q: J, what is your favorite type of song?A: Love songs Ok wait a minute! We’re gonna stop this right here. […]

Saving this for posterity.

Yesterday, The Veep and I were having a heart to heart via email. I’m putting this email that I sent to her here to remind me to keep striving to have this attitude. Believe me when I say that I completely understand you when it comes to letting go and just blindly trusting someone to […]

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