i’m a writer


My friend Lisa and I began a writing project that kicked off on 01/04/10. Both us of are pretty lapsed in our creative writing ventures, so we decided to do something about that. The plan is this: -Each of us made 3 lists (52 people, 52 places, & 52 events)-Each week (on Sunday evening) we […]

You should write a book…

Alternately titled The Little Writer that Could… Every now and again, I will be exchanging emails with my girls while at the plantation and I’ll say something incredibly silly. Sometimes I tickle myself when I am even typing the nonsense out. I always get responses back that say one of two things, “Girl, why are […]


prepare for a full on stream of consciousness, rambling post full of random thoughts and anecdotes. the following conversation (paraphrased) happened at approximately 4:30pm CST on Sunday July 20, 2008. veep: i’m glad that i was not born in a third world countryme: [puzzled look]veep: i mean really, all they have is like dirty water […]

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