each one teach one

Things I Learned Last Week

I was afforded an amazing opportunity last week. I have to rewind a bit to get to it, so bare (bear? IDK, I always confuse this saying) with me. So if you’re uninitiated, there are three artists on this here Earth that I stan for harder than anything. Janet. The YoncĂ©. And Kelly Clarkson. The […]

Another one bites the dust…

I didn’t get into TFA. Didn’t even make it to the phone interview. This is what I tweeted shortly after finding out the news: So I’m going to be all emo for a minute, but I need to get this all out. *big sigh* To say I’m disappointed about TFA would be an understatement. I […]

Change Gon Come. . .

I like the people at my job. I enjoy laughing with them and making small talk. Some of them even know personal business about me and we’ve become friends. . .of sorts. I do not, however, like the actual job that I do. It’s boring, monotonous, irritating, simple, unimaginative, and any other adjective you can […]

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