Dear You,

In preparation for tonight’s concert, I was in full immersion Jill Scott mode. This song says all the things I can’t ever (&if I’m being honest, won’t ever) say. Maybe I’m thinking too much of myself and I was just a blip on your radar. If not, I just hope that you take heed to […]

My funny valentine

His birthday was yesterday… V-Day 2009, we were still in contact and I wished him a happy day. He’d been through a rough patch the previous year with the death of his mother, so I was hoping he’d find peace, joy, love, & light on his born day. He thanked me for my sentiments, but […]

The Story of K part IV

Parts I, II, & III here, here, & here. Every now and again though, he’d make off color comments that rubbed me the wrong way. I chalked them up to immaturity (he was a year younger) most of the time and brushed them off. A few times though, he said things that were really hurtful […]

The Story of K part III

Parts I and II here and here. “Oh so now you ain’t got nothing to say?” “I–um–well, I don’t really know…” “Nevermind. Forget about it.” and he starts getting out of the car. I grab his arm and say “Negative, partner. Explain yourself.” So he goes into this whole spiel about how he’s been into […]

The Story of K Part II

Part I here… I honestly have no idea what she’s talking about. I didn’t really look at K in that way and was under the assumption that vice versa applied. Before we leave work that night, K apologizes for the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde act and we’re good (in my eyes at least). A few days […]

The Story of K, part I

I have alluded to this story several times in the past and it is now time for me to share it. You see, I’d been reluctant to even begin to tell it because after all this time, it still makes me feel some kinda way about everything and how it went down. I have to […]

When will it be my turn?

I feel as if this post and the last one is going to paint me as some unfulfilled emo kid who is seeking attention. Notsomuch. I just have these thoughts running through my head and I am done with trying to suppress them with drugs and booze. HA! Kidding. Everyone knows drugs are bad. 😉 […]

Beautifully Young. . .

Today is not my day. I woke up with justenough time to make it to work on time. Then I was seeing double because I missed breffast & had no cash on me to get something from the caf @ work. Now, I’m struggling with a migraine & I have a show to attend (Estelle […]

I am NOT Diana King.

Last weekend I went out for the first time since 1972. 🙂 Veep invited me to a coworker’s shindig and I accepted. We were going to the guy’s house for a gathering and then cabbing it to the bar. I wasn’t going to know anyone there but the Veep, AE, & Arielle, so I knew […]


I always think I spell that word in the title wrong. I promise you I sat here looking at it for about 5 minutes and haven’t bothered to go to to make sure I spelled it right, lol. Anyway this ain’t that, as my aunt says, so I’m moving along. For the past two […]

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