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On Pride & falling…

How many of you have heard the phrase “Pride comes before the fall…” or something similar? That is a complete misquote, btw. This morning I was trying to remember the exact quote about pride & falling and apparently I (& a host of other people) have been incorrect in our phrasing. The correct quote is […]


This will be stream of consciousness as I just now in this moment decided to blog. Points of precipitation perched precariously poised to tumble torpidly*… I’m hella transparent in this space, so I feel as if I can share this w/ y’all. All of a sudden I just got really sad. Like right now I’m […]


I was tagged by the homie Meggles over at My Edition of Gab to complete this one. 🙂 Question #1 – What were you doing 10 years ago? 1. On the cusp of graduating high school2. Dating K *sigh*3. Working @ Menards, where you could save big money!4. Dancing & playing tennis through high school5. […]

Yes, I am aware that you’re Black. Who cares?

I feel as if I’ve been thinking more actively about race in the past few months than I have in my entire life. I’ve mentioned in this space before that I grew up in a neighborhood comprised primarily of people who resembled me. I can count on one hand the number of overtly racist situation […]

"Tat tat tatted up…"

Saturday I went to a tattoo party. At my aunt’s house… o_O What? *sigh* Yeah, I know… Let’s move past that first sentence, shall we? Last weekend while everyone was getting inked, the old craving for more body art resurfaced. I currently have three tattoos and want more. I feel like my body is unbalanced […]

My funny valentine

His birthday was yesterday… V-Day 2009, we were still in contact and I wished him a happy day. He’d been through a rough patch the previous year with the death of his mother, so I was hoping he’d find peace, joy, love, & light on his born day. He thanked me for my sentiments, but […]

shaba dabba tweet tweet tweet…

I spent Saturday with my BFFL (henceforth referred to as The Biffles). I rarely get to see her because of [personal reasons redacted], but when I do it’s just like we were back in 7th grade. Entirely too much giggling happening betwixt us, okay? HA! The Biffles is quite possibly one of my favorite people […]

"Stop chasin’ them hos, Jesse.."

$5 & a shot of your choice to whomever can correctly identify that quote up there. 😉 Today’s the observance of MLK’s birthday and in honor of it one of my newest twitter peeps posed a very interesting question. I answered and the exchange went as follows: @LiteraryNobody: MLK spoke of racial equality. Do you […]

One is NOT the loneliest number, damnit!

Lately I’ve been real cool on hanging out with a bunch of people. I rang in the New Year with friends, but since then I’ve kinda been just chillin’ on my lonesome. Not for lack of anything to do, but because I WANT TO. A lot of people I know have been taking this as […]

consider my world rocked.

warning: stream of consciousness one of my good friends is haitian. she has a great deal of family and friends on the island still. although her family isn’t in port au price, that leave no relief for all of the [last name redacted] that are here. worrying. waiting. praying. another friend of mine married into […]

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