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On Adore You…

This may get rambley.  It’s stream of consciousness…just some thoughts I’ve been mulling over. I didn’t write a book to become an author.  Now that may sound strange to some of you reading this because the idea of a person who pens a body of work and an author are synonymous, but in my crazy […]

Things I Learned Last Week

I was afforded an amazing opportunity last week. I have to rewind a bit to get to it, so bare (bear? IDK, I always confuse this saying) with me. So if you’re uninitiated, there are three artists on this here Earth that I stan for harder than anything. Janet. The Yoncé. And Kelly Clarkson. The […]

JCorp ™

I was talking to a friend the other day & we got on the subject of the different levels of friendship. I like to think of my friendships like a business (JCorp) with me as Owner, President, CEO, CFO, C3PO, whatever other acronym you wanna throw in there that means I’m in charge of everything, […]

Velvet Rhythms…

This morning I was on my commute, I realized that I have finally found a definitive favorite! Whenever anyone ever asks me to hash out definitive favorites be it food, colors, music, books–my answers always include at least 3 options. I’m one of the least decisive people I know. A phrase I can be heard […]

30 x 30: Update #1

Well it’s been a smooth 2 months since the big 2-9 and I’ve…well I’ve slacked mightily on my 30 x 30 list. I cannot say that I have fully completed any of these tasks yet mainly because I have been busy like a bee between acquiring new job responsibilities and social commitments on the weekends. […]


Ever since hearing about the death of Le Winehouse, I’ve been in a weird space. I adored Amy’s music. I’m a  Frankophile, but Back to Black had some bangers as well. I mean, how could I not love an album that put “what kind of fuckery is this”  into my daily lexicon? Frank though? From […]


i may be jobless very soon. my car is breaking down. my savings is nonexistent. i have no other job options waiting in the wings. a total mental meltdown is eminent. i’m scared shitless. how are you?

Dear You,

In preparation for tonight’s concert, I was in full immersion Jill Scott mode. This song says all the things I can’t ever (&if I’m being honest, won’t ever) say. Maybe I’m thinking too much of myself and I was just a blip on your radar. If not, I just hope that you take heed to […]

Hot fun in the Summertime…

Couple new things happening since I babbled here last. Good (maybe) news! I’m allegedly moving out this weekend. I found a roommate situation that will allow me to be out of my mother’s house and into a house share w/ 2 other people. I say allegedly because the landlord is giving me the flux. First, […]


I’ve been in a mood for the past month or so. There have been bright spots, but most of my time has been spent fighting dreariness, self-doubt, sadness, and anger. I use this space to unload. I know my last few posts haven’t been the funnest to read & I can fully understand if you […]

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