First of all, HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRR! I trust that those of you who read this have come through it all blessed and unscathed! 🙂 I was lucky to be able to spend the time w/ some new friends gettin’ DUMB BLASTED. Note to you all: Jager is the devil’s spit. I thought it was Patron, but nope…definitely Jager. Anyway…

A few of my friends have a slogan for 2010 that’s not atypical of most every year. It works out that it rhymes this year, so I guess that holds them more responsible for results? Meh, I dunno. The slogan is “MEN in 2010”. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but the objective is to be dating or in a relationship throughout the course of this year. I’m going to let them have all the fun with that. Not knocking them, but I have a lot more things on my mind that are more pressing than men.

I need to be THIN in 2010. Last year I started off strong on my weightloss journey. I was going to the gym daily. I was eating healthy. Then at some point I said, “Why am I doing this?” and it fell by the wayside. I picked up all the weight I lost as well as more lbs that were chillin’ in the atmosphere. I cannot end another year tipping the scales at nearly more than 200 lbs. I am disgusted by myself right now. My dad’s recent scare was a wake up call for me too. I don’t want to be all resolution-y, but this is something with which I struggle and hope to conquer this year. PLUS: My 10 year reunion is this year. I can’t be looking like a beached whale.

I need to be GETTIN MY EDUCATION in 2010. At DeVry it was much easier to do this. I could have gotten a free degree through them. I was not interested in ANY of their courses of study. I tried (and failed) several times to make myself get the degree because it was free, but my heart was not in it. What I need to do this year is figure out what I want to be doing and take strides to pursue that course of study. A part of me wants to get my master’s in education, but a bigger part of me wants to do something related more to English…like linguistics or something similar. I have a strong interest in how words come to be and the different cycles of words, etc. Yup, a certified word nerd. 🙂

I need to be CLEARING MY DEBTS (and not making new ones) in 2010. My money management skills are sorely lacking. Granted I am making just enough to survive, but I have this bad habit of impulse buying. That coupled with my self-prescribed retail therapy can lead to some pretty detrimental results. I want to clear up all credit card debt by the end of this year. I’m nearly done with my biggest one, now I have to move onto the next ones. My credit score is all shot to hell and I can’t live life like this for much longer. Especially not if I want to look toward ownership before 30.

I need to be MAINTAININ’ MY SANITY in 2010. Full disclosure: I’ve had several mini-breakdowns this year. Some while I was alone, others while I was with friends. It’s very hard to maintain the facade that everything is okay in my brain. It’s not and I need to talk to someone about it. Someone who can actually help me sort this stuff out. So I’m seeking professional help sometime this year. As soon as I can get over the fact that I can’t believe that I’m actually doing it. I figure though, it’s better for me to see a therapist on a regular basis & figure this stuff out instead of growing closer and closer to putting myself in an emergency 72 hour hold.

Like I said, there’s a lot more going on with me that I need to focus on instead of tryna snag a dude. Do I miss sex? OH GOD YES. Would I like to have a guy right now? Sure. Would I like to be in a committed, monogamous relationship right now? Meh…I could take or leave it. Those things listed above, however? They’re definitely getting accomplished this year; come hell or high water!

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