So today I get a text from a coworker of my friend’s asking me about someone I don’t like. I answered the question posed with a simple no. OP’s response: “[Friend] wanted me to ask you. I thought you would have something more dramatic to say.” My response “I’m trying this new thing where I don’t assign more energy than necessary to people I don’t like. She’s only worth two characters at most.”

I think I’ve exhausted every way of saying that this girl is a trollop who doesn’t think about anyone else but herself. Wait…actually I take that back, she is consistently think about herself and whatever man is attached to the penis after which she is currently lusting. She was a friend of my friend who I didn’t like. Told my friend to watch out for her snake-in-the-grass ways, but she didn’t wanna believe fat meat was greasy. Long story short, she did her grimy & they are no longer friends. I’ve consistently asked her not to bring up the girl around me because just the sound of the name raises my hackles.

I kinda got irritated because yes, I can be funny while going in on folks I don’t like. The vocabulary gets quite the workout, but after a while doesn’t harping on the same shit you don’t like about someone gets old. It certainly does for me. Plus, I am trying to align myself with a more positive state of being. I’ve spent too much time giving into negative impulses and wallowing in the depths of self-pity. We off that. I’m actually in a pretty good space right now.

There are most certainly things that I would change about certain aspects of my life, but for the most part–I’m content. Which, in all honesty, is not something that I have ever thought myself capable of saying. I’m actively working to change the things in which I find frustration, disharmony, & ire. I’m embracing the things that give me joy, peace, and tranquility. I’ll be damned if I let you bait me into falling back into the same ol trap because your life is miserable.

Shit…I wanna live inside the glow.

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  • I’m trying this new thing where I don’t assign more energy than necessary to people I don’t like

    Ma’am, you better say that! I’ve actually had to cut some Twitter friends loose because of the cyber company they keep.

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