My friend Lisa and I began a writing project that kicked off on 01/04/10. Both us of are pretty lapsed in our creative writing ventures, so we decided to do something about that. The plan is this:

-Each of us made 3 lists (52 people, 52 places, & 52 events)
-Each week (on Sunday evening) we email one another 3 numbers between 1-52
-Then we reply to that email w/ one selection from each of the aforementioned lists (e.g. I email her 4-12-32; she emails me back a compulsive liar-BBQ-termination from a job)
-From there we take those items and craft some sort of creative work around it
-At the end of the week (well, Friday evening…) we send each other the creative work for critique.
-Critique & next three numbers emailed back to respective parties on the following Sunday
-Rinse & repeat

Sounds good, right? Sounds excellent if you’re one that actually can adhere to a schedule and produce something that is worthwhile in approximately 4 days. Sounds excellent if you were an everflowing well of creativity and could write at the drop of a hat. Sounds excellent if you were someone who actually didn’t lose her writing jones and considered scrapping the whole ‘I’m a writer’ schtick anyway.

As you may have guessed, that whole little paragraph up there describes me to a T. I’m having a sort of crisis of sorts as I sit here trying to just begin. I want to believe that getting through those first few sentences will get my mojo going. Granted I don’t expect the first shot out of the gate to be FANtastic, but I just need to get going. I’ve scrapped four possible ideas already. They seemed contrived and lame. I don’t know what I’m going to do quite frankly. I was the one who initiated this writing challenge. I can’t be the first to renege. Maybe I’ll pray for a spark of creativity. So far He hasn’t let me down when I really needed him…

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