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After this session, I think I am done with graduate school for a bit. I can’t fake the funk much longer. Yes, it’s a great opportunity because it’s free and all but, eh. I’ve been halfassing this whole session. I don’t even remember opening the book once to read assigned chapters. Despite not putting forth any effort, I am still getting an A. Jigga what? I don’t quite understand. This is reminiscent of my earliest days in school. I’ve always been “the smart one” and get bored easily. When this boredom sets it, I get lazy and begin to slack.

One of my most and least favorite memories of my childhood involves a situation in which my smartness came back to bite me on the hindparts. 🙂 We had this program called “Star Reader”. In this program, you read a book and then wrote a book report on said book. At the end of the program, the classroom that had the most reports won a pizza party and everyone in the class got free tickets to Six Flags. (At age 8 I’d never been to Six Flags so this was something that really spurred me on to help my class win.) It’s no secret that I love to read. It’s been this way since I began reading at age 3. I get lost in books and forget everything else that’s going on in the world. Also, in these days my memory was a LOT better than it is currently.

So one day I was at the crib, sitting at the kitchen table with a stack of book reports. My dad comes in and asks what I’m doing. I explain the Star Reader program and all of the prizes/perks. He looks at my stack of reports (which has to be about 6 deep at this point) and says, “You’ve read all of these this week?” My reply, “Well no. . .but I have read these books. I’m not just making up stuff.” Daddy says, “You know that’s cheating, right?” Eight year old J, sassily replies, “*eye roll* No it’s not, Daddy. I just told you that I read these books, man! *smacks lips*”

Needless to say because of all of my extra theatrics, I got my butt whiiiiiipped! LOL I also had to go to school the next day and apologize for “cheating” with my reports. Every report I turned in after that had to be verified by Mom or Dad before I could turn it in. LOL I remember being SO pissed at my father about the whole situation. He still likes to tell that story to this day. I was such a willful little girl, haha!

At any rate, I’m bored & I’m quitting grad school. That pretty much sums it up.

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  • C-squared says:

    Not sure if it was meant to be funny, but the idea of you cheating for the Star Reader program was the funniest thing I read in a while!

  • jeanette nicole* says:

    It was indeed meant to be funny, friend! 🙂

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