An open letter.

Dear [name deleted to preserve anonymity],

We can’t be friends. It has nothing to do with that Deborah Cox & R.L. song either. We just. . .can’t. It doesn’t work for us at all. At first I thought the tension was because I wanted more than friendship and you were unwilling to give it, but no. That is not the case at all. All I want from you is your friendship and you act like it’s a burden or something.

The fact of the matter is that I am not the same girl I was when we first met. I was 19, naive, insecure, and desperately seeking someone. I wanted to be loved by everyone and at any cost. I neglected my own feelings in order to make others feel good. I was also painfully shy and delighted at receiving some male attention after going through a horrible break-up (again, the K story is another for another day). I feel like you knew this, had a sixth sense of sorts, and keyed in on me. You told me what I wanted to hear and I lapped it up anxiously. I was so swayed by the things that you said that I never really paid attention to the glaring signs.

You were a liar. I do not know if you sought to deliberately decieve me, but you did on numerous occasions. Scratch that, you probably were deliberate in your deception only because you thought that I would never find out that these things were lies. Nevertheless, you did it too often for my liking, but I swept it under the rug. Chalked it up to you trying to impress me. Let it slide. Thinking back though, I wonder why you ever felt the need to lie at all. Furthermore, even when I caught you in the lies, you never fessed up. You perpetuated the lie even further. I have been nothing but honest with you from the jump. Painfully honest, if you want to take it there. You knew how much I detested liars, but you persevered.

Now here we are. I am 26 and a lot wiser. Lookng back on it, I can see that our friendship was one-sided. I gave and gave, only to have you give a little and draw right back. I constantly kept fighting for you to give me more. You constantly kept fighting to hold back. Well, I can’t take this any more. I’m tired of it. I’m done.

Jeanette Nicole

Yes I realize that this is highly passive aggressive, but I had to get it out. I don’t even know if the intended will read this and I don’t even care. It’s a burden lifted and I now feel much better.

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  • shannonâ™  says:

    I applaud you for that. Lawd knows I need to hand a letter like that to a COUPLE PEOPLE..

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