An open letter to Joshua Scott (JC) Chasez

Whas good Josh,

I hope this letter finds you well. I also hope that you do not take offense to me greeting you in such a familiar manner. I know we don’t know each other personally (hell you don’t even know me), but that’s neither here nor there. Let me get the fangirl gushing out of the way. I absolutely adore you, dude! From your days on the MMC playing Wipeout (and singing beautiful duets with Tony Lucca) to the reign of *NSYNC to your short lived solo career (“Build My World”? Makes me melt everytime I hear it!) This letter is not, however, to sing your praises. It’s a letter of chastisement.

Judging ABDC? Really, Josh?! This is what your main gig is these days and you’re okay with that? Well, I’m not! I prefer hearing your singing voice as opposed to your speaking voice. Also, I am not sure what exactly makes you an authority on dance. Did Darrin & Wade teach you that much? I dun tink so! Plus, I’ve seen your dancing. You’ve got rhythm. . .I’ll give you that & that’s all.

Today marks exactly 5 years since your first (and only) solo album was released. The world was not ready for Schizophrenic then, I get that. You were received in a lukewarm manner and this may have put a damper on your spirit. You have to dust yourself off and try again though, brother! Take a look at the past and learn from your mistakes. Pick a sound and stick to it. I’d give anything to hear a new song from you, man! At work, I listen to music all day. Whenever an *NSYNC song or one of your solo jawns comes on, I sigh. Then I lament aloud, “When’s Josh gonna release some new music? I’m tired of only seeing him on ABDC!”

Are you holding out for an *NSYNC reunion or something? Well babes, that is NOT going to happen because your douchebag friend has (allegedly) decided that since his star has eclipsed *NSYNC and that this will never happen. Joey isn’t resting on his laurels waiting on a reunion. He’s doing his thang all ovah the place! (Love you, Phat One! *kisses*) I have no idea what Chris & Lance are doing, but really. . .who cares? They never really counted in my book, to be honest. I know they’re your friends and all, but they couldn’t touch the 3 Js in my book.

As a matter of fact, here’s an idea. Go find your boy, Tony Lucca. (Here’s a hint: He’ll be at Schubas in Chicago on 3/2 [I’ll be there, too!] & 3/3 supporting Sara Bareilles) Tell Tony, “Dude let’s get in the studio and create an album. No hype, no gloss, no pretense, just me. . .stripped (shout out to Christina Aguilera).” Record said album and release independently. Your real fans will appreciate the effort. We will embrace the music.

:: le sigh:: Think about it, kay?


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