30 x 30: Update #1

Well it’s been a smooth 2 months since the big 2-9 and I’ve…well I’ve slacked mightily on my 30 x 30 list. I cannot say that I have fully completed any of these tasks yet mainly because I have been busy like a bee between acquiring new job responsibilities and social commitments on the weekends. YES, honey, I have a social life now…sometimes. Heh. Anyway, the other day I was gazing longingly at the list and realized that I need to make a few tweaks. So here’s an update to lay out those tweaks amongst other things.

2.    Lose 40 lbs. Welp let’s change that 40 to 70. Because well, read this: http://thelionqn.tumblr.com/post/11955993174/yesterday I actually want to keep a running tab on this process because I need to be held accountable for it. So if I make a call to arms for folks to ask me “Have you taken yo’ fat ass to the gym today?” I expect for y’all to step up! All 3.72 of y’all who read this blog. ^_^

4.    Learn how to knit. Petite update on this: I bought yarn/needles. Just gotta carve out a space to get some youtube video tutorial watching on. *cabbage patches*

9.   See a concert at three different, lesser known Chicago live music venues. Sara Bareilles at Congress Theater on 10/11. That’s one!

10.    Unplug digitally for two weeks. No FB, no Twitter, no Tumblr, no blogging, etc. Welp this one is off the books. Namely because I am stepping into a role in which I will be the social media ambassador for one of our branded web properties. Seeing as how it’ll be my job to be plugged in, unplugging could prove to be troublesome. So its replacement will be Complete NaNoWriMo. Mighty big britches to fill, but I’m up for the challenge.

11.   Join a gym. My coworker has generously allowed me unlimited guest privileges for le free, so I will replace this with Reduce my debt by 50%. Again, a big undertaking, but I need to make strides to make my life better, so here we go. I hope Jesus walks with me.

22.    Hand write a letter a month. Cheating a little coz I sent cards with handwritten notes, but totally counting those. Two months down…fuggwimmeh.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come!

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