On my problem with demanding humility…

I will never begrudge anyone for being cocky. This sort of attitude is expected from me due to the traits associated with my star sign and our alleged inability to be humble. [insert eye roll here]

This has been a thing on my mind for quite some time. Whenever someone is being honored for excelling at a thing in which they’ve put a shit ton of work the speech given at the honoring almost always includes the phrase “I am so humbled by xyz…” and I absolutely HATE IT. Outside of the context/syntax being skewed, the idea that after one does their very best and is properly honored for it, that a humbling still needs to take place bugs the everlasting shit out of me. Why can’t that person, while being completely appreciative of being recognized, carry a bit of bravado, too? They’ve certainly more than earned it with the sheer amount of work, sweat, will power & undoubted sacrifices they’ve made in order to succeed at such high levels that were deemed necessary for recognition.

This morning I was in a chat with some friends &¬†one of them brought up the very salient point that people tend to like people that they perceive to be humble better than those who are not. She cited LeBron James and Shonda Rhimes as examples, which I wholeheartedly agree with. I’m a Bron fan…you know why? Because he stands firm in his knowledge that he is one of the GOATs and is unmoved when it is demanded of him to be humble. He is not without fault for damn sure (bruh flops like no other), but the juxtaposition of him against¬†other players who are perceived to be more humble really annoys the fuck outta me. Just because they are not as outspoken about their abilities or unapologetically resolute in their ability to deliver on promises made, they’re believed to be better people. Oh look at X, he would never say such things. Oh look at Y’s reaction to an unfair call, look at how gracious he is despite the ref being wrong as fuck.

My whole thing is this though. If someone has put in YEARS of intense work and training to ensure they are the *very best* at their craft, they deserve to have the space to be braggadocious at the very least. It’s silly to think that whatever level of celebrity has been bolstered by outside support needs to be tempered by humility.

Fuck humility, man. Talk yo’ shit.