June, 2016

On two halves making a whole…

This morning I was driving to work and one of my favorite songs (that I hate is one of my favorite songs because of who introduced it to me) shuffled on, Amel Larrieux’s “Make Me Whole“. It’s a beautiful love song. If you’ve never heard it, click that link up there and let it accompany […]

BONUS: Fiction (A Short)

I was talking to someone about short stories on Twitter (Hi Brandon!) and remembered this. So I decided I wanted to share. Feedback is awesome or whateva.

On Shake… (An ode to @curlyfro)

I’m bullshitting. I should be writing my novel. Or doing homework. Or working out. But instead it’s a Friday evening and I’m sitting at home drinking a coffee stout and lamenting on what I should blog about. This blog has been neglected as of late and I wish I had better excuses, but the truth […]

On being emotional…

(Alternately titled: No Carl Thomas) Last week on Twitter I kept seeing this tweet circulate. Of course when I need to quote it now it’s nowhere to be found, but the basic premise was “what things excite you as an adult?” The more people answered the more I felt myself feeling sad for the majority […]

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