April, 2016

On being a yellow bellied ass coward…

I said I was working toward transparency, right? Welp, this may be the most transparent I’ve ever been. Stream of consciousness, likely unedited. Thinking out loud, no Ed Sheeran. This week I’ve been thinking about the root of all of my problems. I keep saying I’m not motivated enough to actually complete some of the […]


This is not a think piece. This is a fangirl piece mixed with a bit of personal reflection, resignation, hopefulness, doubt, dread, apprehension, hope and more fangirling. So unless you’ve been completely out of it, you’ll know that my personal favorite all around entertainer Beyonc√© Giselle Knowles-Carter took over HBO last night with a project […]

On gratitude…

I’m not the easiest person to get along with at times. I’m ornery, moody and generally unpleasant¬†at some junctures. The crazy thing is, people willingly put up with this shit and for that? I am eternally grateful. I try not to go Super Bitch too often, instead choosing to retreat into a shell until I […]

On being comfortable…

Earlier this week I had lunch with someone I used to work for. I’m not comfortable calling her a friend because we don’t know each other like that outside of 231, but she is definitely someone whose counsel I’ll seek on professional matters or to just vent when I’m feeling frustrated with how certain things […]

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